Thursday, May 21, 2009


At times I feel as though I have no strength against certain people. I let "this woman" talk to me in a way that should not be allowed but I can never seem to stand up for myself. She is probably one of the most judgmental people I have ever come into contact with.

I feel like I have lost my strength in other places too. I always seem to forget the one person I can always turn too but I never know what the answer is. Which path I should choose, or if it's even a debate and I am just over thinking. I tend to do that A LOT... which is probably what I am doing as of right now. Heh... guess its time for bed.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I am bored... as usual. So I am going to rant on here.

I don't understand where consideration for others went... I guess I am growing up quite a bit, although I am denial about my age. I am only 28 but ugh it's 2 years to 30 =P

I guess one of my biggest pet peeves has become two-faced actions. Being nice to me, and acting as though you like to me to my face but then saying things that ARE not true to someone who barely knows me and could be persuaded to think bad things about me. Especially when this person opinion about me is very important to me.

I have been trying for the past couple months to get a better job. I am really growing tired of working at the mall. My intelligence and skills are being wasted there. I have knowledge, and experience that would be handy in the pharmacy, but alas, it is next to impossible to get a job. Even another part time job would be DELIGHTFUL. I appreciate that I do atleast have a job, which is why I haven't stormed off... abandoning the job. Cause I need it. Hmm tis another trial in life I must overcome.

This whole H1N1 virus has made the mall incredibly slow as well. The other night we had only made about $400 the whole night, with a $160 deposit... people don't have the money for movies, music, and media players these days. Hopefully things will get better... I know everyone in my house in paranoid about catching it... telling me I should go to the doctor because I was sick the other day... greasy food + no gallbladder = UPSET TUMMY (bad idea on my part) but man was it DELICIOUS!

Anywho... I'm done ranting.. boredom does this to me. Plus things @ home could be lots better... I hope it happens soon.