Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So Brian and I finally moved into our own place. Well we have been here for a little while, but I am slow at getting posts on here. We are enjoying our privacy... In our old home we inhabited the downstairs, and all the noise upstairs is now gone. YAY! No more loud bangs on the floor, no loud parties, no fighting (the other roomies) , no cops, no dealing with the wrong kind of people. Just me and Brian.. well and our little fluff ball Lily. She is fun but Brian isn't too sure about her... She is quite the little spaz! Well I have also attached some pics of our house. Its coming along slowly but it is getting there! Enjoy! I will also try to keep up with this a little bit more :)

This is our living room.

Closer look at the fireplace... can't really see it but we have a werewolf & vampire chess set!

The dining area.

And my lovely kitchen!