Monday, May 17, 2010

New pics of Sorcha, one of me and others just cause!

D & D Set up!

Aaron and Brian playing D&D

An exciting time getting my butt beat by Brian and his UBERLY EPIC deck!

New Pic of me! 5/17/2010 (look good for 29)

Me and my sister on the tilt-a-whirl ha ha priceless!!

My mommy & daddy when they were pregnant with me!

The lovely Miss Sorcha Rose after dinner @ Red Robin! :P

Again with her BEAUTIFUL SMILE!! When we were out to dinner for my b-day

Beginning to wonder...

So I post on here... but I am not sure if anyone even reads these... I am not sure if I should just delete my blog and stick with facebook or what. But, just in case anyone does read this...

I have been on a diet... Lost about 10lbs so far. I have been working for ACS and its driving me nuts! Most the time I am not even sure I know what I am doing. I had injured my hand last week and was in a splint, and unable to work, excused from the Doctor at the ER, I called in everyday, but for some reason they had me as no call/no show... so I was close to being fired EVEN though I had called and had the log in my phone.. but anywho... So I go to work on Saturday.. and I am still in my splint... They put me on floor support... according to my supervisor I am "self-sufficient, have good stats and handle time" so according to her and my stats I am doing better than I had thought that I was.. but its whatever! I got a call from Sears and they want to hire me on as a cashier, I accepted. But then my friend Amy told me that the Fred Meyer Pharmacy in Auburn may be hiring for a tech so she said she would have her manager look at my application. I did send in my application to get my certificate renewed so now I am just waiting on that. I feel like I am finally accomplishing some stuff. Whats also weird... I will be Amanda De Leon again on the 18th.. weird.. divorce has been a long time coming. It was the right thing, its just weird being Amanda Dovre for soooo long and now I am going back to my maiden name. But alas! I am rambling... I shall bid thee goodnight! Hope all is well.. still debating on if I should delete my blog... meh... g'night!