Friday, February 19, 2010


.... Just sayin!

It's been awhile...

...since I posted on here... well what to tell, what to tell...

I got laid off at the end of January. Our store was closed down due to the Supermall raising the rent, and our sales didn't justify paying that much. I am trying to get back into the pharmacy field. I have to take a test and become nationally certified, and I have been studying like crazy for that. But I am also looking for a job till I get back into the pharmacy deal.

For the past week I have been incredibly sick... no fun! I was in bed Monday and Tuesday. Felt a little better on Wednesday during the day, and ended back in the emergency room Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I had already been in the er, but all they did was give me fluids do some blood work and send me home. They basically told me "You have a viral infection" ...... ok? So I come home and Sunday night (Valentine's Day) I start to get an itchy throat. "great!" I think to myself. Then commence staying in bed for 3 days! Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection. FUN FUN FUN!

I am slowly getting better, I have no voice and no energy. I am still not able to keep any food down, which sucks, cause I am tired of soup and popsicles :(

On a happier note I dyed my black again ha ha, and I have lost 5 lbs, and got a new pair of jeans heh heh

My niece is growing and growing! I cannot believe how big she is getting! She is the prettiest little thing in the world!

Her face! So cute!

After the chocolate covered strawberry! :P

She loves her pa pa!

Looking all tough n' stuff and only 1!! Don't mess with her :p