Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a small update.


= I miss so many things=

Well a lot has been going on in this past year. Lots of hardships, and lots of learning. I have learned that people are not always who they seem, and you can find a true friend in someone you have only known for a short time, in comparison to someone you have known for a long time. I have decided to try to keep this up to date, due to my lovely mother in-law. [Thanks Judie!] I had the chance to visit with her today, and it was awesome. I miss them and that part of my family a lot. I learned that just because things didn't work out with me and Ryan, it doesn't mean they love me any less or not at all. I really miss him at times too. But I will always be his friend.

Well I have been living in Kent, and its nice. A bit far out to visit anyone a lot because of the insane gas prices! My goodness they are crazy! I remember when I first started driving the prices were $0.89!!! Oh to have it be that now! Frida is getting big! She is still my little girl! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her! We also have gotten her a little friend! His name is Diego but we call him booger. Well I think that is it for now. It's getting late... and Amanda needs sleep.


Judie & George said...

Cute pictures of your little friends! It was very good to visit with you too! Life is interesting, huh. In the end, it's our relationships with others that matters most. Love you!

Wren/Karen said...

Amanda! I love the dogs---of course you know that I think bigger (much bigger) dogs are great too. You're right about the gas prices, they are insane. I am driving to Utah to visit Siri this week so I wish it was $.89 too! That would be awesome.