Saturday, August 2, 2008

More pics of my trip.

I thought that I would post some more pics of my trip and my cousin's wedding. I had such a great time there. It was nice to see my family.

This is my cousin Brandon. Caught him making a funny face!
My aunt with Brandon's little girl Angelez. She was adorable. I got to hold her for a little while, then she realized she didn't know me. ha ha

My Aunt Sue and my beautiful cousin Sheena. She was such a beautiful bride. I am so happy for her.

Sheena and her dad coming down the isle.

This is my dad, his fiancee Carol (I LOVE HER), and mi abuelita.

You can't really tell, but this is the humpback whale we saw on our glacier cruise. It was so close we could hear it blowing water of its spout. THAT WAS AMAZING!

These were the otters just chillin on their backs! It was so cute cause they were just staring at us as we slowly went by. I had no idea they get up to 5 feet, and 100 pounds. They aren't all that small.

This is the polar bear at the zoo, he was very cooperative for the camera!

And this is the house I spent a lot of my time in. There are a lot of memories in that house. When we drove by I almost thought I would see their cars in front of it. The yard is very different... but the house still looks that same on the outside.

Well I hope you enjoy the pics. I know I had a lot of fun up there. It was a great escape while it lasted.

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Judie and George said...

Thanks for posting these! Everyone is looking well. She really did make a pretty bride. The house looks a lot like the house I lived in while I was in Anchorage; different color, but pretty standard for up there when I was there. I hope I get to go up sometime.