Saturday, August 30, 2008 yes more work.

I have been working so much the past couple... well few weeks its insane! I just got promoted at my work... which brought on a lot of stress. First of all when they did my criminal background check it came back that I had a warrant. I was shocked!!! Then I called the courthouse and the lady I spoke too said "umm who told you that you have a warrant? Cause there is nothing here" So I call my work, and I tell my manager what the lady had said. Then it turns my background check came back clear that morning... weird right? So I go to the courthouse and get a document that says I don't have any warrants, nor were any EVER issued, and take that to her at work. I have only ever been pulled over for expired tabs. Which is not a warrantable infraction. I was so relieved to hear this, but at the same time... I WAS SO STRESSED OVER THOSE COUPLE DAYS!!! So now, this week is going to be oh so fun! (do you sense the sarcasm?) I am working 9 hours tomorrow, then I will be in Seattle all day on Sunday for Bumbershoot! Till about 1 am... then I get to go to work open to close the next day! I am already so tired of it. It's experience. But its VERY tiring. I am trying to get back into the Pharmacy field. My grandpa really wanted me to do that. So wish me luck in this adventure/path in my life! Im going to need it! As for everyone I hope you are all well and doing great! Miss you all!



Judie and George said...

Life! There is always something making a dump in the road. Glad you got THAT fixed. Have fun at Bumbershoot. Wish I could be there too. And good luck getting back into pharmacy, which is the place you belong since you worked so hard to get there in the first place. Do it for you--you deserve it.

Cori said...

OK- I'm totally out of the loop... where are working? Good call on trying to get back into the pharmacy scene. I think anywhere in the medical field is the place to be right now. Andrew is back in school right now doing the same thing. I keep reminding myself that when he is done it will be worth it... it just sucks for right now.

=DiZ= said...

I am working at FYE, a music store in the mall. I don't like it but it's work for now.